Can You Use Supplements And Herbs For Acid Reflux?

Following a healthy lifestyle is very important nowadays. Otherwise, you may experience various health problems. To keep your body in proper condition, you must eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. It is important to avoid eating at odd times as it is not good for your gut. Remember, if your gut is not healthy, it can show an effect on your overall body.

Many people often get confused between GERD and acid reflux (heartburn). What you need to understand here is GERD is the advanced stage of acid reflux. If you have GERD you might experience frequent episodes of heartburn. When it comes to GERD patients, stomach acid moves frequently toward the esophagus. While this happens at times in heartburn patients. Most people in the present day are using the internet for finding any information they want. For example, for the problems such as GERD and heartburn, you could check the website ‘Acid Reflux Warrior’.

Some of the symptoms of GERD include irritation, laryngitis, and inflammation. If you experience any symptoms of GERD, you must see your doctor immediately. Otherwise, it can lead to several other problems which might put your life in danger. Keep reading to know about the various supplements and herbs used for reducing heartburn.

  • You could use Vitamin B6 supplements to find some relief from your problem.
  • Ginger root can also show some good results in this case. Ginger has traditionally been used to cure heartburn and other gastrointestinal problems. It is believed to have anti-inflammatory qualities. This might lessen esophageal edema and inflammation all around.
  • Peppermint oil would be a great help to you for both GERD and heartburn. However, ensure that you don’t take it with antacids because it can worsen your problem.

For people with severe GERD, doctors might recommend surgery. Hence, ensure that you stay away from alcohol and all the foods that trigger heartburn.

Salem Neil
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